We Are Colourful

We create products that make people happy.

Colourful Creations was initiated to extend the service to all customers & founded in 2009 by Mr. P.L. Subbiah. It has evolved as a venture providing world-class interior contractors and professional painting services as per budget plans for its customers. Since 2009, “Colourful Creations” has earned reputation of setting the standard of excellence in all new initiatives including designer consultation for all residential & office spaces.

Annamalai stores was founded by Mr. A.N. Subbiah in 1950 as an one-stop solution for all quality building materials. Pioneering the philosophy of quality & service since then, today it is under the management of Mr. S.P. Annamalai and Mr. S.P. Palaniappan. Expanding the horizons on quality & services, today the store is first of its kind “Experience Store” as AP Homes.

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